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Friday, August 1, 2014

'Sarah Silverman: We Are Miracles' DVD: HBO Showcases Comic Stylings of Female Comic with Peter Pan Syndrome

Sarah Silverman: We are Miracles (HBO)
Warner Archive releasing the HBO special "Sarah Silverman: We Are Miracles" on DVD provides folks who missed that performance by the comedian behind the hilarious "I'm F***ing Matt Damon" video, several other stand-up specials, and the often-hilarious Comedy Central series "The Sarah Silverman Program" another bite of the apple from the tree of knowledge. 

The classic nature of the Damon video necessitates providing the following clip, courtesy of YouTube, of it before discussing the very funny (and somewhat similar) "Miracles."
"Miracles" has Silverman performing in an intimate theater with a capacity of 39; the very "naughty" topics that she discusses in the persona of a precocious eight-year-old range from searching for online porn, to the bowel movements of her dog, to her reaction regarding a term that refers to both a feline and an intimate part of the female anatomy.

Silverman additionally touches on the subject of religion; her explanation of why Jews deserve thank for killing Jesus is one of the most funny in the special.

The title refers to the take of Silverman on our entire lifespan (commencing with thoughts on our pre-conception) that departs from standard preconceptions. Much of the humor relates to Silverman discussing this delicate subject in the manner in which a young girl would explain how to make treats in an Easy-Bake oven.

This is very consistent with the stream-of-consciousness style that makes the comedy of Silverman stand out. Silverman acknowledges this in advising the audience about the lack of transitions after quickly going from discussing her preferences in pornography to sharing both the special treatment that being Jewish garnered her mother in the hospital and how that institution determined that religion.

Silverman subsequently merges the two topics in a monologue that relays her experience showering with her mother during the childhood of the former. This one may inspire a "Family Guy" cut away with the despised Meg in the Silverman role.

The following PG-13 clip, courtesy of YouTube, of an HBO promo for "Miracles" conveys everything expressed above and throw in behind-the-scenes insights for good measure.


 All of this amounts to a good chance to enjoy "South Park" style raunchy humor from the comfort of your own home. Turning the event into a cookie party only makes it better.

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