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Thursday, April 24, 2014

'Search for the Gods' DVD: Two Guys, A Girl, and an Alien Artifact

Search For The Gods (1975)
The Warner Archive DVD release of the 1975 TV Movie of the Week "Search for the Gods" is one of the latest in a continuing series of Archive releases of these nostalgic gems. Unreal TV recently ran a review of the uber-awesome 1972 production "Probe" and plans to offer thoughts on "The Delphi Bureau" from the same era within the next few weeks.

Having Kurt Russell play the lead role of Shan Mullins during his transition from more boyish roles such as the dreamy college student Dexter Riley in a wonderfully goofy group of Disney films to more serious and mature roles is terrific fun. Mullins essentially is Riley in his post-graduate "On the Road" phase and long before Russell plays Col. Jack O'Neill (the O'Neil with one "l" does not have a sense of humor) in the theatrical "Stargate" movie.

A series of events leads to Mullins joining hilariously named Bostonian Willie Longfellow (no, that is not the porn name of that character) and Native American Genara on the titular search. The specific objective is to learn more about the origins and importance of the piece of a mysterious medallion that Longfellow is asked to give to Genara.

Both legend and scientific evidence support the theory that the medallion is of extra-terrestrial origin and has great significance for us mere mortals.

The primary obstacle to holding onto the artifact and learning more about it is a sinister foe who seeks to obtain it for the proverbial any price. Stating that he is willing to get Kurt regarding this quest is very apt.

"Search" additionally has fun elements of other shows; the most obvious one is "Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated," which has America's favorite team of animated sleuths on an extended quest to locate and acquire the very important Planispheric Disc.

The second related series is the unfairly maligned 1986-87 "Starman," based on the film of the same series. This one has the titular alien, who is going by the name Paul Forrester, teaming up with his teenage son to find the boy's mother.

On a general level, "Search" does a good job initially establishing its lore and then kicking into a higher gear; the roughly last 30 minutes of the movie are particularly action packed and end with a scene that nicely lays the groundwork for an unrealized series about a search to learn more about the brothers from another planet who apparently interacted with Native Americans in the truly olden days.

The search for more information regarding this movie will end with the thought that the lore, southwest scenery, and Kurt Russell appearance make it worth checking out.

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