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Monday, August 12, 2013

Interview with 'Sharknado' Scribe Thunder Levin

As the prelude to this piece promised last week, Unreal TV is devoting a post to an interview with"Sharknado" scribe Thunder Levin, who kindly interrupted his far more lucrative writing to answer submitted questions.

When asked the Passover-style question why "Sharknado" was chosen above every other Syfy original movie for the tremendous social-media blast that contributed to its phenomenal success, Levin stated "because it's just that AWESOME!" This scribe concurs with that statement.

Levin's concise question to whether Syfy had commissioned him to write any scripts other than "Sharknado II," which has recently been titled "The Second One," was "nope."

Levin also shared that he did not have a cameo in "Sharknado" because he was directing "AE: Apocalypse Earth," which was the most-downloaded title on Netflix a few weeks ago, in Costa Rica when "Sharknado" was being filmed in Los Angeles. Levin's other film "Mutant Vampire Zombies From the 'Hood" seems to be as much fun as those movies.

Levin additionally reported that he attended a screening of "Sharknado" at a local movie theater to gauge audience reaction to the film. He described the response as "just what I'd hoped it would be" but humorously expressed minor disappointment that no one threw popcorn at the screen.

Picking up elements of the great cheesy Irwin Allen scifi shows of the '60s in "Sharknado" prompted asking Levin if he was a fan of "Lost in Space" and "Land of the Giants." He responded that he was and shared an interest in a future project that would be an homage to Allen.

The next group of questions had an element of the cult classic comedy  TV series "Mystery Science Theater 3000," which involved characters trapped in space station style satellite, in that I asked Levin about some of the improbable science in "Sharknado."

In true MST 3K style, Levin nicely essentially responded that"Sharknado" is just a TV movie and I should really just relax. I am very curious if his tongue became so firmly planted in his cheek while writing his responses that removing it required surgery.

Levin's responded when asked the highly tongue-in-cheek question whether any sharks were harmed in filming "Sharknado" that sharks were hurt "but they were all digital."

Levin's response when asked how the water could be deep enough for the sharks to swim in but shallow enough for people to drive in is worthy of embroidering on a pillow. He stated "I'm tired of explaining my science on this. EVERY single moment in "Sharknado" has been rigorously researched and vetted with meteorologists, marine biologists, ecologists, and city engineers. It's FACT! Just accept it." Well said, Mr. Levin!

The shorter answer to a query regarding how the sharks could be seen swimming past the windows of a school bus full of grade schoolers despite the water level being below the emergency door in the rear of the bus was it's magic!"

When asked about what he is currently working on, Levin replied "Global domination." Being able to say that it is Thunder Levin's world, and we just live in it would not be so bad.

Anyone with questions or comments regarding Thunder Levin or "Sharknado" is welcome to email me, but I am not sure that I will be much help.